AARP driving course offered to Middletown seniors

March 30, 2017 by  

Older adults from Middletown who are interested in brushing up on their driving skills may wish to mark their calendars for an upcoming event.

AARP will be holding a session of its Smart Driver course for senior drivers. An assortment of topics that may be of interest to older motorists have been selected for the curriculum, including safety measures to avoid being involved in an accident, and how they can be aware of what is going on around them at all times.

Participants will also learn how factors such as age, medication, and other issues related to their health can affect their ability to drive safely, how to share the road, and what they can do to improve their overall driving confidence.

The course will wind up by sharing information about how those who participate can recognize when they may no longer be able to operate a motor vehicle safely, and what other transportation options exist for them should this occur. A printing services provider will be able to create bound manuals and other instructional material for an event such as this.

The course will be held on April 18 in Chester Village West in Chester. Refreshments will be served, and according to the organizers, those who successfully complete the course may be eligible for a discounted rate from their auto insurance provider. Further details can be found on the event’s Patch listing.