Networking in Westminster

January 16, 2012 by  

The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce holds twice monthly PM Connections events. Different Chamber members host the meetings at their businesses. The next meeting will take place at Bright View Westminster Ridge on January 26 from 4-6 pm.

The PM Connections meetings are open to Chamber members and their guests. They are an opportunity for Westminster business leaders to meet and get to know about each other’s business. Those who plan to attend should arrange for business card printing so they will have enough to hand out. The Chamber suggests people also bring a name tag.

Most cities have numerous chances Chamber of Commerce members and other business leaders to network during each month. It is one of those things that every business person must get used to and work into their schedule of meetings. Many people are nervous about the chance of meeting so many strangers at one time but lot of business comes from networking and from referrals. If you decide to forgo networking you will probably find that you are left behind and that you will have a harder growing your business. Once you attend networking meetings on a regular basis you will find that it gets easier with each meeting.

There are different types of networking events; some feature lectures and guest speakers, some are purely social events, and some celebrate holidays such as Christmas. Whichever type of event you decide to go to, or any combination, will get you known in the local business community and will allow your products or services to have the greatest exposure possible.