Take part in the Chamber’s monthly mixers

June 25, 2012 by  

The Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce holds a Monthly Mixer for its members and prospective members. The July Mixer will be held at Shore Medical Pavilion in Grasonville on July 19 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

There will be a dedication by Shore Medical, followed by an after-hours networking event. Members from all over Queen Anne’s County, including nearby Stevensville, will welcome the chance to network with their fellow business peers. Of course, no networking event is complete without the need for a business card, so printing extras, with help from a local print company, will ensure that those business leaders do not run out of cards to give out.

Networking definitely slows down over the summer but there are usually one or two events to attend. It may also be a chance to meet different people to those who attend during the non-summer months. Many of the regulars will be taking vacations or cutting down on the amount of networking they do, so that they can spend more time outdoors. Summer networking events also seem more casual, with many of them taking place on the golf course, in parks, and at sporting events. Summer is also a time to reassess how well networking has worked in the past year and what a business expert can do to get better results. Summer is also a good time to try out that new “elevator speech“ to gauge how effective it is and to make changes if necessary.

The Monthly Mixer gives Chamber members an excellent chance to visit member businesses and to hear what they have to offer.