Cheep laughs to be had with wildfowl art in Salisbury

September 23, 2012 by  

The Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo will take place at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art and will feature free appraisals of decoys, a marketplace, food vendors, carving demonstrations, and kid’s activities.

A range of novel and peculiar contests, including a duck head carving contest, an antique decoy competition, and shore bird decoys contest will be available to competitive-edged guests. At the marketplace, which will be held outdoors in the parking lot, vendors will be selling items of interest to carvers and to fans of wildfowl and decoy art. There will also be antiques and collectibles for sale.

Vendors who wish to get the attention of the buyers may use the services of Salisbury printing companies in advance of the expo. Banner printing and poster printing services will result in a product that will help to draw attention to a booth and possibly result in greater sales for the vendor.

In addition to the expo, two related exhibits will be taking place at the Ward Museum. Great Lakes Decoys and Folk Sculpture will be showing in the LaMay Gallery and a show about the history and cultural impact of the Humble chicken will be showing in the Welcome Gallery. There will also be a benefit for the Ward Museum taking place on October 12. The Eastern Shore Seafood Feast will feature a large variety of seafood and musical entertainment, with tickets for the feast priced at $40.

With the free-to-attend expo taking place from October 12 – 13, people looking for more information can contact Eric Turner at 410-742-4988.