Take part in the Original Third Tuesday Networking Extravaganza

December 21, 2011 by  

The Original Third Tuesday Networking Extravaganza is held monthly at Norbeck Country Club in Rockville. It is free and open to all interested parties. As the name states, they meet every third Tuesday of every month.

The Third Tuesday club has some rules. When you register you must hand over a business card; this helps them keep track of who attended and who to invite to the next meeting. Your name badge can only have your first name and not include the name of your business. You are encouraged to tell everyone you know about the meetings, the club considers this ‘paying it forward.’ And lastly you are told not to leave any flyers or brochures lying around on tables or the bar; you can only hand them to people who you are speaking with. Several suggestions are to not talk negatively about anyone else, to buy at least one drink from the host establishment and to tip bartenders and servers.

Third Tuesday also offers some networking tips. You should go into any networking event with the attitude of ‘what can I do for others.’ You should listen to what people are saying and treat them like royalty. Always have at least seven business cards on you at all time; arranging for business card printing before attending is crucial. Don’t be embarrassed to hand out your business card either. Many Rockville business leaders attend several networking events and you may have met them before but have forgotten, to get around that you should say ‘nice to see you’ when first meeting them rather than ‘nice to meet you.’ And, lastly, smile. First impressions are everything at a networking event.