Pikesville traffic goes in circles

March 10, 2013 by  

Pikesville is building a traffic circle at the intersection of Green Road and Old Court Road in Randallstown, approximately five miles from Pikesville proper.

The announcement was made February 27 by Baltimore County officials, who also warned that the construction would cause delays in traffic.

Construction was scheduled to begin on March 4, and might be completed as early as March 15. In addition, the work is slated to be done between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm so rush hour traffic will not be affected. The project is estimated to cost $140,000.

This intersection was chosen because it handles a great deal of traffic, and is frequently congested. A traffic circle will make traffic flow more smoothly and help drivers avoid traffic jams.

Traffic circles are common in Europe and the United Kingdom (where they are known as ‘roundabouts’) but are still unfamiliar in the United States. They are popular for several reasons, most especially because they are safer than traditional intersections. In the familiar type of intersection, traffic moves at right angles, with one direction stopped while the other has the right-of-way.

In a traffic circle, all the lanes are going in the same direction, and usually at slower speeds than at traditional cross-streets. If there are collisions, they usually occur when traffic tries to merge, and are generally much less serious than in traditional situations.

Pikesville officials might consider working with experts in flyer printing to create a mailer for residents of the area suggesting detours for the duration of the construction project, and how to navigate a traffic circle.