Help kids in Pikesville discover their own creativity

December 13, 2011 by  

The Kids Art Supply Drive is taking place in Pikesville throughout the month of December. These supplies benefit the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

The drive is sponsored by the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce and art items can be dropped off at several area businesses. The types of new art supplies needed are crayons, colored pencils, markers, coloring books, construction paper, glue sticks, child-friendly scissors and stickers. If you are a business owner or manager, why not run a workplace art supply drive? You can start the ball rolling by posting a flyer. Printing the colorful flyer and placing it in the lunch room or any other prominent place in your business will ensure that it will be successful.

The Baltimore Child Abuse Center helps children who have been abused and those who take care of them with such things as medical treatment, referrals to professionals and counselling at no charge. The Center also offers several prevention courses. Another program they run is the Canine Comfort program; when a child is interviewed a dog is often in the room to serve as an object of comfort, they often also accompany children to court if necessary.

Art is one of the way in which children often give voice to their true feelings. The art supply drive will provide the Center with the tools they need and will allow the children to take home the art supplies. Art can be the escape that the child needs from his or her current situation.