Baltimore’s National Aquarium draws visitors from throughout the region

December 18, 2012 by  

Pikesville, Maryland residents have another reason to visit Baltimore – the National Aquarium. An announcement made this month revealed that the aquarium brings substantial income to the area’s economy – more than $300 million annually. Figures show that the aquarium draws huge crowds, puts millions into the coffers of the city and state, and creates or maintains more than 3,300 jobs.

Steven Schindler, the aquarium’s vice president and chief marketing officer, said the figures, which are from a report the aquarium commissioned, help the organization understand its impact on the community. The report was released just as the aquarium received a state grant to renovate its ‘Ray Tray’ – an open-water tank which will be replaced with a shark exhibit. Schindler said the grant, which is for $2.5m, will help the aquarium remain relevant and provide new things for visitors to see.

The report also revealed that more than half the people who visit the aquarium each year are from out-of-state. What this means for local residents is a boost to their economy in the form of money spent on food, lodging, and transportation. In addition, the aquarium itself provides $11.7m in tax revenue for the state. Pikesville residents are approximately 20 minutes from this fantastic attraction, and hotels there can house visitors to the city.

The aquarium has an opportunity to work with brochure printers to describe its plans for future exhibits, particularly the new shark tank. Brochures could be placed in racks in the aquarium and at locations, such as hotels and restaurants, where visitors can take copies.