Laurel High School supports FISH

April 29, 2012 by  

Laurel High School recently stepped up its efforts to raise money for a local soup kitchen. The school’s aim—entitled “Empty Bowls”– was to raise awareness for those who are hungry. Fifty of the high school’s students reached out to make a difference in their community and to stamp out hunger.

Several ceramic students stepped up to meet this feat by putting their skills to use in making bowls. Angel Tillery, along with several other willing students made approximately 500 bowls, while Holly Nunn and other students decorated them with engravings. On April 20th, the school hosted a special dinner, where the bowls were presented to the attendees. All proceeds of the $10 per head meal will go to FISH of Laurel Inc, a charity that runs the Elizabeth House food pantry and soup kitchen. Each month, an average of 132 households benefit from donations of food made by the pantry, and nearly 50 homeless people receive a hot meal each day courtesy of the soup kitchen.

The school’s fundraising target of $5,000 would contribute significantly to Elizabeth House’s annual running cost of $60,000. Any fundraising event benefits from reaching as wide an audience as possible, so it’s likely that local print shops were consulted about flyer and poster printing to publicize the event.

President of the board at FISH of Laurel Inc, Carol Plotnick, highlighted the plight of hunger across the state. She told that 12.5% of households have no idea where their next meal will come from, adding:

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are people in our area who struggle.”