Laurel area prepares for post-Christmas fun

December 8, 2013 by  

There are two quite different events taking place in the Laurel area in early 2014. One is a display of history, and the other is both current and futuristic at the same time.

The first event, which has been running since November and closes early in January, is the Early 20th Century Holiday Postcard Exhibit. It features hundreds of postcards from the 1900s, and is being held at the Marietta House Museum, which illustrates the lifestyle of those who lived between 1815 and 1900. No doubt those involved in postcard printing in the area will make themselves present.

There are sure to be cards to interest many people, as the organizers claim that postcard collecting is among the world’s three most popular hobbies. Some of the cards will feature famous people, historic buildings, and art, while a special section highlights Halloween.

After that will be the 12th annual Music and Gaming Festival (Magfest) which will be running for three days. The festival is dedicated to video games and video game-inspired music. Attendees can take part in 12 video game challenges. There will also be cosplay contests, scavenger hunts, vendors, and panel discussions. A portion of funds raised at the event will go to Child’s Play.

The Early 20th Century Holiday Postcard Exhibit is running at the Marietta House Museum in Glenn Dale until January 3. Admission is free. For more information, call 301-464-5291.

Magfest, meanwhile, is taking place in National Harbor over January 2-5. An all-access pass is $50. To find out more, visit the event website.