York Book and Paper Fair returns for another year

March 25, 2013 by  

The 59th annual York Book and Paper Fair is taking place at the end of this month.

This annual fair, which now has a new venue, features over 50 dealers who will be selling items such as rare books, maps, comics, pop culture collectibles, postcards, and posters. Some specific items which will be offered for sale include a first edition copy of Winston Churchill’s ‘The Second World War 1948-54’, an original leaf from William Shakespeare’s ‘Third Folio’, and an unused ticket to the Woodstock music festival.

It will be an excellent event for those interested in adding to their collections or just for guests to just see what is out there for future reference. Those who work for graphic design companies might also be interested in getting ideas from the older collectible postcards and posters.

The fair will no doubt attract people from all over the area, including Hunt Valley. Organizers will likely be working with local printing companies to help advertise the festival. This could include posters to be hung up in various public buildings, flyers to be sent out by direct mail or inserted in local newspapers, and banners to be hung at the event. These items will reach large numbers of people quickly without breaking the bank.

The York Book and Paper Fair will take place at the Holiday Inn Conference Center on March 30 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Tickets are $5 each. For more information, call 877-437-0001.