Frederick Fairgrounds to roll in marble show

February 26, 2013 by  

The first marble collectors’ show and festival will take place at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick, Maryland, which is already a home to dozens of events that take place throughout the year.

Art Staus, director of the Frederick County Knuckles, along with a group of volunteer marble enthusiasts, is organizing this festival in April. The free-entry event focuses on helping boys and girls throughout the Frederick County to learn about shooting and collecting marbles.

Staus said:

“Marbles in Frederick County is a pretty big deal. There are people all over the country who know of Frederick County as a strong place for marbles – probably more people know that outside the country than inside.”

Money collected from the event will be used to benefit Frederick County Knucklers Marble program, which is currently run by Middletown Rec Council.

Staus went on to say:

“We just need funding for our program.

“Our program reaches all through Frederick County. When it started it was smaller, but we’ve since expanded it. We only sent three kids to nationals the first year. Last year we sent six. This year eight. Our goal is not to charge the kids any kind of fee- in order to make that happen it has to be funded.”

Staus and group got 500 custom-made marbles for the event with Frederick Maryland 2013 imprinted on them. Poster printing is a great way to advertise this event each year moving forward to help get the word out locally and also throughout other area of Maryland in time for this April 6 event.