Frederick County potters making Souper Sunday bowls

January 29, 2013 by  

Talented potters in Frederick, Maryland made bowls on the morning of Saturday, January 19, as part of the third Souper Sunday event. The potters have each given their bowls a special design of their choice. The bowls are made out of clay and each one will be for a good cause.

The charity funds will go directly to helping the homeless and low-income people of the Frederick Rescue Mission. Each bowl costs $25, and every person who purchases one will be attending a luncheon later in April, where they will be treated to soups from several restaurants around the county. Anyone who buys a bowl gets to vote for their choice of restaurant to receive the ultimate prize, which is the Souper Soup Prize plaque.

Tammy Martinez, the owner of the Little Pottery Shop, proudly states that:

“The first year we actually sold about 275 bowls [and] the second year I think we sold about 300, so this year we’re hoping able to sell about 400 for the event.”

The event regarding Souper Sunday will signify a remarkable and memorable time for the community around Frederick County, as well as gather a mass respect for the hard-working potters in the local area with the support of many print companies, flyer printing services, and many other businesses that are likely to advertise or support the event.

For those who would like to purchase one of these bowls, they will be sold from February 2 until April 7 at the Frederick Little Pottery Shop.