Frederick all set for the holidays

November 10, 2012 by  

There are a few more beautiful sights than seeing decorated trees, wreaths, and stockings displayed, so those in a merry mood will not be disappointed if they visit the Frederick Festival of Greens and Stockings beginning in late November.

The festival will feature over 120 trees, stockings, and wreaths decorated by local artists, schools, community organizations, and individual residents. Local businesses are invited to take part as well and are asked to donate items to be used in the decorating, which will then be sold off during a silent auction to interested buyers. It seems very likely that Frederick printing companies will be involved in helping get the word out about this annual event to the community by providing such services as flyer printing.

In addition to the display of the decorated items, the festival will also feature holiday entertainment, movie viewings, theater performances, and hands-on activities for children and adults. Those who take part by decorating are providing their fellow Frederick residents with a way to celebrate the holidays with the family. Children especially will no doubt be excited to see how many different groups have decorated their trees, wreaths, and stockings. The hands-on activities will probably offer them a chance to make their own decorations and give them ideas on how to decorate their own trees at home.

The Frederick Festival of Greens and Stockings will take place at the Cultural Arts Center from November 23 – December 2 from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm each day. For more information on this free-to-attend event, call 301-662-4190.