Family-friendly film festival returning to Frederick

January 14, 2014 by  

Families from Frederick will soon be gathering at their city’s own Weinberg Center for the Arts for a day of movie screenings and fun.

This coming weekend, the Maryland International Kids FilmFest will be arriving in town for the fourth straight year. Banner printing is sure to have been on the rise as the parties behind this anticipated event make their final preparations for the big day.

Those who attend the festival will be able to watch a variety of kid-friendly films from all over the world. In total, nearly 50 movies will be available for viewing. Most of these will be animated productions, although some will feature live action. This year’s highlight will be a showing of ‘The Point’, in which the Beatles’ Ringo Starr serves as narrator.

Children interested in learning more about the mechanics of animation will be in for a treat at this event. In addition to the film screenings, the festival will include two interactive workshops designed specifically for youth. One class will be for kids eight and under, while the other will be for those between nine and 12 years of age. Each child will receive his or her own flip book to take home.

The Maryland International Kids FilmFest is scheduled for Saturday, January 18. The festivities will begin at 10:00 am and continue into the early evening.

The Weinberg Center is located at 20 West Patrick Street. Tickets are still available for $10 through the box office. Those interested in attending may call (301) 600-2828.