Celebrate Mayfest in downtown Frederick

April 9, 2012 by  

Mayfest will take place on May 5th from 10am – 9pm. Participating merchants will be giving a flower to everyone who visits; visitors can collect a bouquet of flowers to take home with them after the event.

In addition to many stores opening their doors, there will be music, live entertainment, gallery openings, and children’s activities to enjoy. This year the Camaro Nationals will also be taking place at the same time, displaying old and new Camaros to admire.

Mayfest can be a great opportunity for stores to get more attention from those people who don’t usually shop downtown and rely on the “big box” stores to purchase their needs. It will be local stores’ chance to show citizens of Frederick they can offer a lot more than those big stores, and often for competitive prices. Flyer printing services can help the stores to spread the word about Mayfest; stores can offer special sales for that weekend and include a money saving or free sample offer coupon in the flyer. The flyers can be sent out by mail or they can be delivered door to door in town. It can also be a chance to test how effective a flyer marketing campaign can be by having those people bring in the coupon. They can use that experience to plan future marketing campaigns.

Many cities in the United States have had trouble bringing people into the downtown area; many of them are holding annual events such as Mayfest to bring their downtown back to life.