Love for Luca Raises Thousands of Dollars

April 30, 2012 by  

Luca Assante has raised over $20,000 with the Love for Luca foundation at a special event held recently. The recent event, termed “Mission Possible,” at the Walden Country Club in Crofton, Maryland marked the 3rd hosting to raise money for cancer research. Also at the event was Trey Lee, who is a Johns Hopkins research doctor.

Luca, who is just four years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer nearly three years ago, and Love for Luca is a non-profit organization that was opened in honor of Luca whose rare cancer, rabdomysarcoma, is luckily in remission thanks to him enduring countless radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Luca was diagnosed with cancer months shy of his 2nd birthday. Luca’s family who never gave up and attacked his cancer strategically with full force succeeded in getting Luca’s tumor to shrink just 6 months after his diagnosis.

As of today, Luca is on his way to recovery and seeks to help others share the same fate. The money raised at Mission Possible is going toward the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Pediatric Cancer Center. The organization, through the Johns Hopkins Hospital, is seeking ways to keep children and others cancer-free.

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