Crofton elementary school one of 6 new Blue Ribbon schools

January 22, 2012 by  

Crofton Meadows Elementary School has been named one of this year’s Blue Ribbon schools. The Blue Ribbon honor is given to:

“schools that exhibit high performance or significant improvement in reading and math.”

The winning schools are decided using two criteria; the first one states that they must be in the top 10% of Maryland schools in math and reading, the second criteria states that a school which has improved and has a large percentage of disadvantaged students but is in the top 40% of all Maryland schools in math and reading.

The Blue Ribbon program is administrated by the Maryland State Department of Education. Those who are named to the state Blue Ribbon list can apply to become a national Blue Ribbon school.

The Blue Ribbon designation is awarded to each school at a State dinner in Annapolis and each is honoured in the General Assembly. The honor comes with a prize of $2,000 and a pizza party for each school. In addition, sponsors donate items such as projectors and document cameras to each of the winning schools.

Accolades such as the Blue Ribbon program contribute to a student’s overall pride in their school. Kids will want to try harder so that their school will become a Blue Ribbon school. Teachers can help by lavishing praise on those students who do a great job and to those who try hardest. They can help to raise their students self esteem by acknowledging their successes. Crofton printing companies could provide a certificate of accomplishment that would be handed out to those who do a good job for a very reasonable price. Motivating your students to do the best job possible will ensure that we have a highly educated citizenry who will become our future business and political leaders.