Local hospital center has plans for park

February 26, 2013 by  

Baltimore County planners say that a part of the historic Spring Grove Hospital Center in Catonsville, Maryland will be converted into a regional park.

According to County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, state officials who operate the facility have decided to offer 8.8 acres of 200 acres hospital campus for parkland. Kemenetz also mentioned about asking the county’s Planning Department for submitting a formal request for the property.

Linda C. Janey, the state’s assistant secretary of planning sent out a notice on January 7, declaring the land and Hamilton Building in center to be surplus and recommending:

“…joint uses of the property by the University System of Maryland and Baltimore County [UMBC].”

Though Kamenetz said it is too soon to inform about any designs, County officials are said to attempt to use Project Open Space funds to create the regional park and demolish the Hamilton building.

The UMBC was built on the land that was earlier a part of the Spring Grove and that part of land is has been included in the offer for shared space.

Kamentz said:

“It is too far early to talk about the specific scope of the project.”

“There are significant funding issues to address, and we have not had any discussions with the UMBC officials yet regarding the shared use of property. However, I did not want this opportunity to pass.”

Spring Grove is one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals of the U.S. and stands on its current site since 1852 to research and print companies. Despite the small amount of land offered for creating a park, the hospital will continue to operate its 330 beds.