Enjoy pizza while Touching Lives

February 28, 2012 by  

The Touching Lives with Comfort Restaurant Night Fundraiser will take place at Peace a Pizza on March 7 from 5-9 pm. 20% of your food order will be donated to the Touching Lives with Comfort Foundation; a coupon must be printed out in advance and presented before ordering your meal.

The Touching Lives with Comfort Foundation has a mission:

“to provide items of comfort and distraction to critically ill, hospitalized children and their families.”

They provide such programs as Pillow Pets for Pediatrics which donates large decorated pillows to sick children, Kapes for Kids which provides super-hero capes to reward children for being brave, Goody Gift Bags filled with fun stuff for children and Remembering Moms which provides inspirational necklaces to moms of critically ill children for Mother’s Day.

To make sure your coupon survives the trip to the Catonsville restaurant you might want to pick up card suitable for a postcard; printing it out from your home computer. That way you can stick it in you wallet along with your business cards and won’t lose it. The organization is counting on receiving as much money from this event as possible.

It is easier for adults to rationalize and deal with critical illnesses than children. All children can understand is that someone is poking and prodding them endlessly and is causing them pain; sometimes they just want to go home. The Touching Lives with Comfort Foundation understands this and want to make their lives easier and to allow them to be children.