Catonsville area park to welcome summer with lecture and party

June 5, 2013 by  

Catonsville area residents are invited to mark the beginning of a new season by attending an educational event at a local museum.

Later this month, the Friends of Benjamin Banneker Historical Park in nearby Oella will be hosting an informational session and social gathering centered around the summer solstice. Postcard printing may be in higher demand as the park’s gift shop prepares for the arrival of new visitors.

Stephen Bilanow, a local navigation specialist with a passion for astronomy, will present general facts about the solstice with the help of illustrations. He will discuss in detail what Benjamin Banneker, the mathematician and scientist after whom the park is named, discovered about this solar phenomenon. In particular, Bilanow will focus on the almanac Banneker published in 1792.

After the talk, attendees will be free to mingle with one another and sample sangria, lemonade, and sun tea. They will also be encouraged to remain on the museum grounds until nightfall to participate in some stargazing. Visitors who remain past sunset will have a chance to observe the sky through telescopes.

The solstice party will begin at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 21. It will only be open to adults. Admission will be free, although donations to the park will be encouraged. Pre-registration is required and those wishing to register or learn more information may call (410) 887-1081.

The address for the event is 300 Oella Avenue. Attendees will be welcome to peruse the gift shop and museum exhibits before Bilanow begins his lecture.