Calmer lives called for in Catonsville

November 30, 2012 by  

To ease some to the stress of the holiday preparations, the Holiday Open House at Avalon Yoga offers guests a way to live calmer and healthier lives through several weekend workshops – some of which are to take place this weekend.

Topics covered by the workshops will include ‘Stone energy’, ‘Benefits of essential oils’, and ‘Restoration workshop: how to restore your skin’s health from the inside out’. In addition to the workshops, refreshments will be served and guests can do some last minute jewelry shopping for Christmas.

The key to stress management is to learn how to control stress and live a healthier, calmer life. The workshops seek to teach that learning how to control stress without the use of medication is, according to some, the best way to ensure a healthy and controlled life.

It is likely that the organizers of the open house will be working with Catonsville printing companies to produce a flyer which will be distributed to the community. The flyer can be sent out by mail to the general population, handed out on the street outside of the studio, or distributed to local gyms and community centers. That way, they will reach many people who may not be aware of the business and what it offers.

The Holiday Open House will take place at Avalon Yoga on December 1 and 2. The workshops offered tomorrow, December 1, will be free, while those offered on December 2 will cost $5. For more information, call 410-869-9771.