A family fiesta commences in Catonsville

March 31, 2013 by  

For all the music aficionados and fun loving individuals in the area, Catonsville will be hosting a free live music concert every month this year.

A day time series called ‘Family Time Festivals’ was hosted by The Hub Bicycle Shop this month, with the inaugural session taking place on March 16, and no doubt the promotional printing will soon be underway for the April event.

The unique concert will feature a theme for each month and take place in the courtyard in Strawberry Fields. It had a ‘Spring Fling’ theme for the first month, and featured a blend of roots music for country music lovers, with Jamaican and Trinidadian music also there to suit other tastes.

Taking about his brain child, Scott Westcoat, part of the team that organized the event, said:

“When we were putting together the idea for a shop in Catonsville … that was a big part of it for us, to reach out to the community”

While working for ASG Events, Westcoat always wanted to reach out to the community and put something that can bring people together. Chris Adair, his business partner, always wanted to integrate his 18 years of planning experience something more eventful too, hence the Family Time Festivals was born.

With positive reactions to the event pouring in from all across the city, Westcoat and Adair think that, as more and more people come to Catonsville, Maryland for numerous events, this scenario will help give the area a level of recognition that will boost its credibility.