Get networking tips from a pro

May 28, 2012 by  

The Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce are presenting the seminar “Learn the secret to successful networking” at the Candlelight Inn on June 13 beginning at 12:00 pm. Tickets are $20 for chamber members in advance, $25 at the door, and $35 for non-members.

The seminar will be presented by Susan Katz, a business coach. Katz has written and talked extensively on networking and can teach business leaders the most effective ways to grow their referral networks. She suggests that before you attend any networking meeting, you should form a strategy. That means finding out all you can about who is likely to be in attendance, who they want to meet, and who can introduce them to those people.

Katz advises anywhere from one to three people is the ideal number to meet over the course of any business event. Another of her tips is that the point of networking is not to sell but to build a relationship with another businessperson, recommending that you should really listen to that person and find out how this relationship can help both of you. One of her most important points is that you should go into a networking event with the express aim of helping people and learning from them, not just looking for what you can get out of it yourself.

As with any networking meeting, business cards are a necessity. A new business card printing order will ensure that Catonsville business leaders will have plenty of cards to hand to out to everyone they meet.