Maryland financial officer calls for people to shop local

December 13, 2012 by  

The top financial officer in Maryland has called for people who are making purchases online to stop and shop in their local stores.

Although Peter Franchot understands that one of the main reasons people shop online is that they avoid payment of sales tax on their purchases, he adds that shopping local supports businesses in the area, and the payment of sales tax goes towards things like local schools. The Maryland Comptroller emphasized his point by shopping in the Bethesda business district to buy a present for his wife.

Franchot launched the ‘Shop Maryland for the Holidays’ campaign in Bethesda, speaking to shop manager of The Blue House. Manager Jill Godfrey pointed out that shopping there is about community, knowing and caring about local people. As The Blue House sells mainly crafts and ceramic gifts, it make very few sales online, which is not something it is overly concerned about.

According to Peter Franchot, the federal government may introduce legislation for online sales tax, as decisions cannot be made by the state. An agreement was made in February which saw Amazon agree to charge sales tax on anything purchased in Virginia. Local poster printing services may benefit from the move, as they produce marketing materials for the Shop Maryland for the Holidays campaign.

A statement given by Franchot at Veteran’s Park included benefits of people supporting the half a million people of Maryland who are employed by the retailers. After pointing out that great deals may be found locally, he also went on to talk about the spirit of Christmas being kindness and helping others.