Homeless people in Bethesda receive 26 acts of kindness

January 7, 2013 by  

Bethesda Cares, a services group for the homeless, received 26 gift bags to be donated to homeless people in the community recently. The bags were donated anonymously to honor the victims of the Newtown school massacre and contained gifts for women, men, and children who are needy. Each contained the name of one of the victims of the school shooting.

People all over the US are performing “26 Acts” of kindness to honor those who became victims in the Newtown massacre. Twitter and Facebook are being used to share the good deeds which are being carried out. More than 93,000 ‘likes’ have been collected on the Facebook page. The social media movement all started when TV personality Ann Curry posted a tweet. The executive director of Bethesda Cares, Susan Kirk, thinks that the idea is a perfect way to show support, by helping the local community while honoring the victims. Kirk also expressed her hopes that the idea would become popular in Bethesda. Local printing services may help to spread the word while providing ideas of how people can show support.

Susan Kirk is going to donate 26 books to a school in the local area, hoping that more people do the same. Other people have placed wooden angels outside Bethesda Children’s Inn while paper angels have been left at the National Cathedral, Washington as a mark of respect. Ideas of how to honor the fallen while helping the local community may be found on Twitter or Facebook.