Bethesda storms cause increased demand for supplies

July 14, 2012 by  

Some businesses in Bethesda, Maryland are still making steps towards recovery following the violent storms which occurred at the start of the month. A heatwave and a lack of power have made trading difficult for some companies, who need to be very resourceful with gas and other supplies

One store was left without power as a generator stopped working. Store employees were keeping the ice frozen in a truck and taking cash from customers without the use of electronic cash registers. According to the owner, Peter Frank, customers were facing the baking heat without power to fuel refrigerators and air conditioning. Gas stations have faced an increased demand for gas, with many selling out. At some of the coffee shops in the Bethesda area, including Starbucks, people crowded in to make use of the facilities to cool down, eat, and plug in their laptops.

A number of stores, restaurants and coffee shops have signs on the doors, possibly using the local printing companies, to advise patrons of services available and, in some cases, products and services which were no longer available due to increased demand. A number of businesses in the area also used Twitter and Facebook to let people know that they had room for anyone wanting to get out of the heat and use their laptops. The public library in Bethesda became popular with residents in the area who wanted to escape the scorching heat which had exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With facilities at the library stretched, however, all hoping for a return to regular service as soon as possible.