July starts with farmers’ market and food tasting

July 2, 2012 by  

Due to all the activity going on in Greenbelt, Beltsville residents have at least a couple of choices available to them in early July.

The month started off with the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market kicking off yesterday, July 1, at 10:00 am. Being put on with the intention of allowing local producers to interact with prospective buyers, this market has been held annually for the last five years and in that time it has continued to grow in popularity. Patch.com reports that this year’s market included a large amount of variety. Featuring baked goods, coffee, fruits and vegetables, milk, honey, and flowers on sale among other things, prospective buyers had access to a number of quality items and reduced prices.

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Speaking of getting a chance to try out different foods, the Greenbelt Co-op is also going to be hosting a Natural Food Sampling. Taking place a full 10 days after the Market on the July 11, those who show up for this one will be able to see firsthand how healthy foods are not only delicious but also easy to incorporate into a regular diet. Starting at 4:00 pm and expected to conclude at around 6:00 pm, there are a number of reasons why residents should consider showing up at this richly diverse afternoon session.