ECAPS announces first commercial flight contract in U.S.

January 26, 2013 by  

ECAPS has recently signed a contract with imagery service Skybox Imaging for its first U.S. commercial flight.

Skybox is a company that provides services for several types of businesses, including print companies. For its third observation satellite, ECAPS will create a High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP).

ECAPS’ HPGP system is flight-proven, non-damaging to the environment, and, unlike monopropellant hydrazine, easy to transport. The technology utilizes Ammonium Dinitramide based monopropellant designated LMP-103S.

Mathias Persson, President of ECAPS, is quoted as saying:

“This initial HPGP system will serve to qualify the system design for subsequent Skybox satellites. We’re proud to partner with Skybox and look forward to supplying them with both this initial system, as well as propulsion systems for their future constellation of satellites.”

Jonny Dyer, Skybox’s Chief Engineer, adds:

“Early adoption of green propellants is well aligned with our innovative, environmentally responsible culture and this contract makes us the first company in the U.S. to leverage this technology. In addition, the handling and safety advantages of the HPGP system provide us the lowest projected life cycle cost of the technologies we analyzed.”

Skybox and ECAPS will join forces long-term to create propulsion systems for Earth observation satellites in Skybox’s constellation.

ATK, which is ECAPS’ American Industrial partner company, is contributing to the new project by developing propellant tanks at its facility in Commerce, CA. ATK will be using its Beltsville, Maryland facility to put HPGP systems together for constellation builds in Skybox’s future – the company will use its Elkton, Maryland facility to blend the propellant.