Comedy performance to bring mirth to Maryland

September 1, 2012 by  

Tonight, September 1, Lysistrata will be performing live at the Greenbelt Art Center located at 123 Center Way in Greenbelt, Maryland, just a few miles down the road from Beltsville, Maryland. This performance will begin at 8:00 pm.

This production is recreated by The Rude Mechanicals and is being directed by Jaki Demarest, who also provided the adaptation. It offers a unique comical spin about a woman’s extreme efforts to put an end to the Vietnam War, which would bring the men fighting in the war back home to their wives.

The play is set in 1969 and is a somewhat sexual comedy in which swinging is a key theme. The audience is invited to join the cast for this hilarious Sock Puppet Guerilla Theatre presentation and is sure to find plenty of amusement as this woman fulfills her mission through zany skits, outrageous lines, and resounding sexual innuendo. It is not recommended for a young audience, but the play is a must-see for adults, as it switches back and forth between sidesplitting comedy and heartwarming nostalgia, with a 60s spin on the Age of Aquarius.

Poster printing, digital flyer printing, and brochure printing may all have been put into practice to promote this comedy to everybody in the community and surrounding areas. Admission is $17 per adult, $14 for students under 22 with ID, and $14 per senior or Military with ID. For additional updates, please visit the Greenbelt Arts Center website or call the box office during normal business hours.