Business Networking meet-up begins August 1st

August 1, 2012 by  

With both a networking opportunity coming up and an offer for financial advice available, Beltsville residents will have a chance to make new contacts at their disposal this month. Between the opportunity for professionals to meet prospective clients and business partners and the openings people in all walks of life are getting as far as input on their financial situations goes, August’s already projecting to be an unusually productive month.

The fun and games start immediately with a Business Networking Happy Hour event being held on the 1st of August. Free to attend and taking place in College Park at the Clarion Inn on Baltimore Avenue, the informal structure of this networking group certainly has its attractions. Open to any and every business person who operates in College Park and the surrounding area, there’s nothing to stop Beltsville professionals from stopping by and getting a sense of what this group is like.

Since those present at this meet-up are being asked to arrive with their business cards ready, however, it may be a good idea to consider getting in touch with a print company to discuss printing services like flyer printing and business card printing. With this networking group meeting every Wednesday, professionals can really build solid connections here.

In the meantime, JacksonDakota is offering “Personal Finance Assistance” to anyone that needs it. Whether trying to qualify for a mortgage or simply looking for advice on reducing debt, this is a company that offers solutions. With prices starting from just $75, the affordability alone makes this worth a second look.