Tomato-themed festivities plant themselves in Bel Air area

October 2, 2013 by  

Bel Air area residents are invited to get messy at a fun-filled 5K event for the entire family. Later this month, Ripken Stadium in nearby Aberdeen will be hosting its first-ever Tomato Run. Banner printing is no doubt on the rise as the organizers of this new community activity order promotional materials for the morning of the festivities.

The race will be open to attendees over the age of 14. Volunteers will toss pieces of tomato at participants as they make their way along the 3.1-mile course. Afterward, runners will enter the ‘Tomato Arena’ for a lighthearted food fight. Safety goggles will be required for both of these activities.

The event will also feature a Kids Zone for those who are not old enough to take part in the 5K and food fight. This area of the stadium will offer tomato-themed games for children and their parents.

Those who attend the Tomato Run will be able to purchase drinks and snacks. A number of vendors will be selling tomato-based foods.

All of the tomatoes used during the event will be from local farms. After the day’s activities, the remnants of the fruits will be sent to the Veteran Compost organization and turned into high-quality planting fertilizer.

The Tomato Run is scheduled for Saturday, October 19 at 10:30 am, with registration beginning half an hour before. Participation will cost $40 for individuals and $35 each for those entering the race in groups. The Kids Zone will also open at 10:30; entrance will cost $10 per family.