Let down your hair with Rapunzel

May 25, 2012 by  

The imagery is familiar. The maiden locked in a tower, the enchantress who entraps her, the maiden’s golden braid draping down from the tower, and the prince who climbs the ladder of hair to find his love.

The story of Rapunzel, choreographed into a ballet by Artistic Director Barclay Gibbs, will soon be performed by Harford Ballet Company on June 9 at 6:00 pm and June 10 at 1:00 pm at Bel Air High School, 100 Heighe Street in Bel Air.

The dance troupe includes flora and fauna, sentinels, lamps, and dancing shades of color. The set creation encompasses a fortress, a tower, and a wooded area. Poster printing for this event is also in progress, as well as program, ticket, and flyer printing.

Harford Ballet Company is a traditional and modern dance troupe in Northern Maryland and Harford County. It is a company of pre-professional ballet dancers who perform two productions a year; a classical ballet in spring and The Nutcracker in winter. The troupe also influences more than 1,500 students and adults from Harford County through its local events and programs.

There are many variations of Rapunzel around the world, but the most well-known version is the German fairy tale originally printed in 1812 in Children’s and Household Tales; a collection compiled by the Brothers Grimm. Adaptation of the tale have since emerged from all over the world, with Italy and Greece among the most productive nations in retelling the story.

Ticket prices range from $17 to $23 and can be purchased online at www.harfordballetcompany.org or on-site for $25. For more information, call 410-877-0777.