Get your fill of chocolate and candy in Bel Air

February 16, 2012 by  

The 11th annual Chocolate and Candy Festival will take place at the Bel Air Armory on March 3 from 10 am-3 pm. Tickets are $5 for aged six and up and includes four sample tickets, children under 6 are free and receive two sample tickets; extra sample tickets can be purchased for three for $3.

The festival will feature all the chocolate, candy and sweet treats you will want. There will also be a children’s activity area featuring candy or chocolate themes. Those who attend can also take part in the 3rd annual Downtown Bel Air Scavenger Hunt to win prize packs containing gift certificates from local businesses.

Bel Air businesses such as boutiques, restaurants and beauty salons can use the Chocolate and Candy Festival as a marketing opportunity. Local printing companies can provide the gift certificates that companies donate to the Scavenger Hunt prize packs. Such a donation will show that your company is supportive of the local community. A gift certificate will bring people into your business and encourages them to spend in your store if what they want is more expensive than the certificate is. Even if the gift certificate covers anything they buy, the customer will let their friends and family know where they got the item and there is a great chance that those people will then decide to visit your business also.

Everyone loves chocolate and local companies who donate items to this event will find that any cost they invested will be paid back to them through new business.