Wee Chic’s Little Characters

April 20, 2012 by  

The Wee Chic is holding the Wee Chic’s Little Characters—a contest of cute kids that get a chance to be a model for a day. The Wee Chic is a local children’s boutique in Baltimore, Maryland.

Simply by submitting a photograph of a child enters that child for a chance to be a model for the day. That was the procedure followed by the parents of Grant, who won last year. They explained that Grant as a boy who loves the outdoors, but enjoys getting dressed up and is very photogenic.

The age range of children eligible to participate in the Wee Chic’s Little Characters is from 6 months to 10 years old. Photographs can be submitted until Sunday. The owner, Bridget Stickline, chooses a complete new panel of experts every year.

Out of all the kids entered into the contest, 25 are chosen to participate in a photo shoot for one day. Those kids model Wee Chic’s clothing. These photographs are used in business promotions, advertisements and a catalog printing for Wee Chic.

Fellow mom and professional photographer, Laura Black, makes the children feel at ease while taking their photographs. Because she understands kids because of having her own, she comes up with effective techniques for making the children at ease, such as photographing them when they’re most awake and finding ways to get the children to engage.

Because of the unique opportunity, the Little Characters have a greater chance of showing in other venues, such as fashion shows.