Olympic Style boxing event on the way in Baltimore

March 7, 2013 by  

Baltimore Boxing Club promoter Jake Smith is planning for a massive Olympic Style card later this month at the Glen Burnie in the avenue of Michaels Eighth.

Courtney Feldhiem and Sam Crose are the collegiate fighters. They are from Maryland and are joining the fighters of Smith from Fitness Gym & Baltimore Boxing.

With boxers coming from all over the world to fight, it will really show the popularity of boxing. United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) president Luke Runion was discussing several ways of hosting the event. The organization recognized the event potential for this magnitude and will no doubt utilize print companies, perhaps making use of poster printing services to help to advertise the night.

As per the statement of Runion, their teams are very much excited about competing with the squad of Baltimore, Maryland. He is also known as the coach of the Maryland team and closely works with the D.C. team. Combined with Smith’s reputation in the sport, the plan is for more intercollegiate events in this specific location. Even the club program has been held in Maryland.

The admission tickets (general) are $25 in advance and $30 while you reach the door. VIP tickets will be costing approximately $50, so a table of ten will cost $500. Those interested can purchase and book tickets by calling 410-375-9175. Doors will be opening from 6:30 pm and the first fight will be at 8:15 on the big date of Friday, March 22.