Meet your favorite authors at the Baltimore Book Festival

August 4, 2012 by  

The Baltimore Book Festival will take place at Mount Vernon from September 28 – 30. This is a free event.

Over 200 authors are expected to show up at the festival including Ann Hood, Robert Kasper, Laura Lippman, Etan Thomas, Steven Galloway and Mikki Taylor; there will be a chance to have books signed by the authors. In addition, there will be various workshops, children’s activities, neighborhood events, literary walking tours, cooking demonstrations, food, musical entertainment and displays from bookstores and publishers. Most likely many Baltimore bookstores will be displaying and selling books at the festival. They will no doubt be using such services as banner printing and postcard printing from local printing companies.

There will be several bookstores competing for attention at the book festival and a well place banner or sign will definitely make people stop at those booths that make an effort. The bookstore’s address and contact information can be printed on the back of an attractive postcard either advertising a new book or featuring an attractive graphic; the postcard can be handed out to anyone who visits or deposited in a bag along with a purchase. Publishers will also wish to use some services from printing companies also; a banner advertising upcoming book releases will help to create some excitement with the public.

The Baltimore Book Festival sounds like it will have something to offer to everyone in the family, and it might be the opportunity to discover an up and coming author who will become a favorite.