Lottery winners opt for hush-hush anonymity

April 10, 2012 by  

People often dream of winning the lottery, but when all is said and done, some wish to keep their anonymity to avoid a host of potential problems. This is what happens when big winners do not eagerly step forward. When the big winner finally does come forward, there is oftentimes a lawyer or financial advisor present with them and they may or may not have their picture taken to avoid publicity.

Potential problems come in the way of family, friends and anyone else looking for a handout. Winning millions of dollars can be a scary thing. With so many things left unknown, suddenly, the winner is in the limelight while people that may harm them is a part of that unknown.

Then what needs to be considered is how to invest the money. For many have easily struck it rich and then, just as easily, let it go. Most states utilize flyer printing to post what the current jackpot amount is. However, despite what is initially won, roughly half it goes towards taxes. Being wise about how to “spend” the money literally saves it.

Recently, a Baltimore, Maryland woman hid her ticket at work for the sake of anonymity. Her blood pressure spiked and has been unable to allow her children outside to play. Some states require, by law, for its winners to come forward in an effort to prove to the public that the lottery is not a scam. Still others allow for anonymity. It goes to show that when people win it big, they often wish to lay it low.