Baltimore Home To More Exotic Plants

May 1, 2012 by  

Residents of Baltimore, Maryland are increasingly looking to use tropical-looking flowers and plants in their gardens. Gardeners appreciate the foliage that can be seen in the South, such as the Rain of Gold, and Stephanie Thompson Fleming, of Behnke’s Nursery in Beltsville, thinks that the increase in demand is due to the economy. She told the Baltimore Sun:

“People want color.

“The economy is terrible, and they want to make the place where they live look great.”

Although non native foliage will fare well during the warm summer months, they could be doomed come fall and winter, unless the proper precautions are taken to preserve them. Kerry Kelly of Homestead Gardens recommends that they should be brought indoors. A sunroom is ideal, or they can be kept in the basement or garage and allowed to go dormant until the warmer weather reappears.

Even though tropical plants can last for many seasons, lots of people accept them as a temporary fixture in their gardens. Carrie Engel of Valley View farms thinks that people are wising up to the variety of tropical plants on offer, and are becoming more sophisticated in their choice rather than settling for a humble banana plant or potted palm.

With summer fast approaching, it is likely that many retailers will have prepared for the demand by including less common plants such as Jatropha or Golden Thryallis in their latest run of catalog printing.

The increase in the numbers of tropical plants expected in gardens this summer should also be a boon to wildlife – garden lovers can expect to see more exotic butterflies and even hummingbirds.