Antiques to be discussed in Baltimore

July 20, 2012 by  

The Baltimore Summer Antique Show will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center from August 23 – 26. Admission is $15 for four days.

There are expected to be over 550 exhibitors from the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. Items which will be displayed and be available for purchase will include furniture, silver, jewelry, glass, and art works. In addition, there will also be an antiquarian book fair taking place, featuring approximately 70 dealers selling everything from first editions to rare books to autographed publications. There will also be a free lecture series presented by dealers and antique experts.

Antique dealers from the Baltimore area who are taking part in this event would be wise to work with local printing companies to help them prepare. Arranging for flyer printing services would be a good first step in getting people to come to the event and visit their booths. If this is chosen, the dealer could offer a special deal for those who bring the flyer to the antique show, allowing them to learn how effective their campaign was and if they will do the same for upcoming shows. They cout also avail themselves of banner printing services to help make their table or booth stand out from the others, with a colorful banner seen from across the room perhaps especially likely to attract buyers.

The Baltimore Summer Antique Show is well-known in the antique world. It is seen as the most important silver show to take place in the country both by dealers and collectors.