Accolades awarded for superior equine skills

March 30, 2013 by  

On the commencement of annual steeplechase season, the Maryland Department of Agriculture decided to honor nine people and a horse as part of its March 17 event for their outstanding contribution to the Maryland’s horse fraternity.

Established in 2011 by the Maryland Horse Industry Board (MHIB), the ‘Touch of Class’Award is presented to honor the spirit of Maryland’s horse industry, which is often proudly recognized by press and print companies proudly recognize. The Baltimore, Maryland horses, people, groups, businesses, or special events that demonstrate the acme of equine standards are entitled for this award. Encouraging for those concerned with horses in the area, the list of honorees that were presented with the prestigious award included no fewer than three from Baltimore County.

One of them, Irvine Naylor, has retained his recognition as the nation’s best steeplechase owner. Having been the brains behind 12 winners last year, earning the best part of half a million dollars, it is little wonder that the Glyndon resident has been recognized for the third successive occasion.

Naylor’s fellow Glyndon dweller, Mark Beecher, took an award for being the top apprentice in the country. With seven wins to his name, the Irish-born jockey is a name to watch.

The hoofed hero recognized during the awards was a gelding, aged 12, of the name ‘Incomplete’. His excellent performance last year in a trio of timber events, each in a different state, bagged the horse an award. In keeping with the county’s fine horse heritage, he is trained in Baltimore.