New Miami station seeks local input

September 3, 2017 by  

A new television channel is on the way for Miami, and it is currently seeking local business owners and members of the public who have a story to share.

According to the developers of Influencer Channel, it plans on reaching at least 31 million different handheld devices and households by 2018, which will provide a wide viewing audience. Companies and service providers will have an opportunity to showcase what they have to offer, while being fully engaged in the creative development of their episode. The channel will both broadcast and live stream the content, with a focus on South Florida.

Individuals who feel they have an inspiring story to share with the world are also welcome to participate. They can discuss their culture, lifestyle, difficulties they have overcome, and more.

Video shoots for those who are interested in participating will include the production of a social media video and inclusion in the Influencer Club Miami yearbook 2018. The video will be shown on the channel twice each day for 30 days. Each participant will also receive a branded Influencer T-shirt to help promote awareness about the impact climate change has had on the natural environment around Miami. A printer’s graphic design team can be called on to supply items like these.

Any business owner or member of the public who is interested in reaching a wide segment of the population has been asked to contact Influencer Channel Miami Castings through the CESV agency website to book a time to shoot their particular segment.