Miami seminar to explore impaired hearing in children

February 18, 2018 by  

Being partially or completely deaf can present children with a unique set of social challenges, and a Miami event will seek to help professionals find solutions that can address these issues.

The Mailman center for Child Development has developed a daylong workshop that will equip those who work with hearing impaired and deaf children with skills and techniques they can use to aid their social development. Research into the field will also be presented.

Those who participate in the session will learn methods they can use to identify a child who may be at an increased risk for the development of social and/or emotional issues, and these will be presented by various professionals, such as audiologists, social workers, and speech and language pathologists. There will be both case and group discussions, and each of the participants will walk away with a set of strategies that they will be able to implement immediately in their practice or other setting.

The day is scheduled to begin at 8:00 am, and it will run until 4:00 pm. Vouchers for breakfast lunch and also parking will be distributed. Print shops can be counted on to provide copies of any learning materials that will be used during an event like this.

The Twists and Turns: The Social-Emotional Impact of Hearing Loss seminar will be taking place on March 12. Anyone who would like to find out more can contact the organizer through its website.