Miami residents invited to join in Margarita March

January 15, 2018 by  

A Cinco de Mayo-themed event is on the way for Miami, and margarita lovers are all welcome to join in the fun of the occasion.

The event, which its organizers expect will draw hundreds of revelers, will see the participants stop at a variety of venues to enjoy the unique take on the classic margarita that each will have to offer. After they register, ticket holders for the afternoon and evening will be free to visit each of the locations on the march. When they do, they will be served their drink and the bartender will punch a hole in their card to show they stopped by.

To help build the festive air of the function, those who plan on participating are encouraged to dress for the occasion in their favorite Cinco de Mayo outfit, whether that is a sombrero, poncho, or souvenir T-shirt from their last trip to Mexico.

A local printing services provider can be called upon to supply branded punch cards, custom drinkware, banners, posters, and a wide assortment of other items that can help to make an event like this a time to remember.

The 2018 Miami Margarita March is set to hit the city on April 28. More information, including a list of the participating bars and other details, can be obtained by contacting the organizer through its website.