Miami event to put cats center stage

October 5, 2017 by  

An event will soon be held in Miami that will give cat lovers an opportunity to immerse themselves in feline-themed fun.

The Miami Airport Convention Center will serve as the location of the POP Cats cat convention, and those who come out will be able to take part in a variety of activities that will all be centered around these well-loved pets

People can book one of the art classes that will be taking place throughout the day where the participants will be able to learn a variety of artistic techniques, and there will be lots more going on as well.

During the afternoon, the ‘cat walk’ will be taken over by a Kitty Fashion Show, and the audience will be invited to vote for their favorite costume. A mini Kitty Obstacle Course is also on the agenda, and the attendees are invited to come and cheer on their favorite. The ticket price for the event will be depend on which art classes a person is interested in taking. The price for these sessions is not included in the entry price for the POP Cats convention, but those who attend an art lesson will be offered a discount code for the ticket price of this portion of the event. A local printer can supply a variety of ad specialties that can be used as swag for an event like this.

This day of feline fun will be held on October 28, and more details, as well as an opportunity to buy tickets or book a session, can be found on its event listing.