Florida’s Diaspora Vibe connects Caribbean-American artists

June 12, 2018 by  

This month, artists and creators from the Miami area’s Caribbean and Latino communities will come together for a night of art and networking.

It is all hosted by an organization that has been running here for over two decades, called Diaspora Vibe. Described as a ‘Cultural Arts Incubator’, the non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing together and enhancing the diverse art world in Miami, as well as surrounding cities such as Hialeah and Homestead.

This month’s ‘Meet Diaspora Vibe’ event will take place at the Venture Cafe in Miami this Thursday, June 14. Attendees are promised an “open dialogue” with the organizers and artists, which may include figures such as founder and current Executive Director. Rosie Gordon-Wallace, and current artist-in-residence Nadine Natalie Hall.

Hall’s work, which consists of installations created onsite to express the importance of heirlooms, is an example of the work assisted by Diaspora Vibe and how it relates to the lived experience of Latino and Caribbean artists. Beyond the opportunity to appreciate another’s work, artists are likely to be interested in the chance to network, just as important in art as it is in business. Business cards and promotional products sit alongside paint and clay in the modern artist’s toolbox.

In addition to its work in Miami, Diaspora Vibe has been involved in art events in Caribbean nations such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Since being founded in 1996, it boasts of having helped over 1,500 artists by providing workspace and opportunities for cultural exchange. The purpose of the Venture Cafe event is to demonstrate to up-and-coming artists just how Diaspora Vibe can be useful for them.