Ikea comes to Memphis

October 30, 2016 by  

The home furnishings store Ikea has announced that its new retail location in Memphis will open on December 14.

This location will mark the first time that Ikea has opened a store in Tennessee, and the forty-third location in the United States. Memphis residents currently need to travel to either St. Louis or Atlanta to shop at the Swedish furniture store, known for products that need to be assembled at home.

Trisha Bevering, who will serve as the store manager once the location opens, said in a statement that construction milestones are being met in a timely fashion, and that the company is currently focused on recruiting and training staff for opening day.

Ikea Memphis will be 271,000 square feet, and will have around 800 parking spaces. The store will have a rooftop solar array, a priority of many IKEA locations. The array is anticipated to be the largest currently existing in Tennessee. Along with the shopping space, Ikea Memphis will have a play area where children can be supervised, and a restaurant with 250 seats, offering Swedish dishes like lingonberry meatballs and sustainable American options.

Ikea Memphis has created almost 500 jobs during construction, and is anticipated to employ 225 people at the store itself. Many companies, during their grand opening, use direct mail printing to generate special coupons and flyers that tempt customers in to the location. For more information about the grand opening events, visit the Ikea website.