Wine tour season begins again in Melville

April 26, 2017 by  

Napa Valley is no longer the go-to destination for wine lovers in the United States as the East Coast continues to draw attention, and a series of tours will soon be held in the Melville area.

Charter bus companies, wineries, and many travel agencies will soon offer wine tour packages throughout Long Island that cost anywhere from $85 per person or $1,350 to reserve a bus for a private group tour. Visitors can even book their visits individually by contacting the winery of their choice, or creating an itinerary on the website of the Long Island Wine Council.

New York state may not have the same extensive history of vineyards and wine making as certain European locations or the West Coast, but the industry has blossomed over the last four decades and many businesses have thrived and managed to create a name for themselves as masters of their trade. Wine tours offer people the opportunity to experience how the grapes move from field to bottle and to sample the offerings in the presence of the winery owners themselves.

Now is the time to prepare promotional materials and create a fresh spring and summer look with new advertising banners and posters printed for the season. Chartered Long Island Vineyard tours begin on May 6, and many continue as late in the season as the first couple weeks of November. Visit the website to learn more about the region and its wineries.