Local teen discovers that giving is better than receiving on his birthday

December 29, 2016 by  

A Melville, NY area seventh grader has helped to prove that anyone can make a difference.

Ethan Shapiro will turn 13 on January 16th and in honor of his birthday, he has written a unique wish list. Rather than asking for electronics or other gifts teenagers typically want, he has requested that people use their money to help him raise funds for the local autism center.

The teen worked with the director of community relations, Tina Moreno, to find ways to help the center. He organized a charity bowling tournament and advertised the fundraiser on social media and through word of mouth. The tournament included raffle items and food. All together, the event attracted 75 people and raised almost $2,000.

Shapiro was able to reach a lot of people with the methods he used. Other children wishing to help important causes could use additional means to get attention for their efforts. Custom party invitations with the fundraising information, and banners and posters announcing event dates and times would increase awareness of any activity. Fundraising postcards sent to area businesses could help to raise the total of what is collected.

These methods are also available to Shapiro for any future fundraisers led by the charity-minded teen. The experience appears to have been beneficial to the young man, who stated that the event revealed the generosity of the general public.