Advertising opportunities in Melville abound during high school football season

October 31, 2016 by  

A quick review of any local paper or website makes it easy to see that football season is here again, and high school football remains a passionate past time for many locals, and not just the parents of the athletes.

Current and former students and other area residents all enjoy watching the action and cheering for their favorite school. The numerous games that will take place between now and the end of the season offer a marketing opportunity for area businesses.

With budget cuts looming over many districts, the sports teams are forced to raise much of the funding to support the team on their own. One financially beneficial method many schools now use is to “sell” advertising space on their bleachers and elsewhere in the school. Purchasing space for a large banner is a way for any company to increase its visibility while they support its favorite Melville athletes.

Many school teams provide other opportunities for advertising to their fans. The most beneficial is by offering promotional items that include the company name and contact information in school colors. These items can be sold or given away at games, award presentations, or through the business directly. Any profit made through the sale of the items will provide a generous amount of goodwill to the business when a donation in that amount is made to the local team.